V2 : New cut ford

A specially designed ford with stepping stone is put across the new cut. This directs water down the shire ditch but is covered in time of high water.

1 thought on “V2 : New cut ford

  1. pjepson Post author

    Thanks to Oliver Tickell for this comment “Re the Cherwell (?) new cut, it’s there for a reason. The original channel pointed upstream into the Isis and this caused a double backing up of waters on both Isis and Cherwell, leading to flooding. All very well when lowland Oxford was undeveloped swamp, but no longer a goer.”

    My thinking here was that the Cherwell New Cut is a 130 year old (1884) river engineering solution. Given the subsequent advances in river engineering and flow modelling maybe a progressive and innovative river engineering team could come up with a solution that a) gets the Shire Lake Ditch flowing again, b) includes some form of crossing and c) deals with the backing up problem (which I had not fully considered). Paul


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